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Have you booked your 2021 School Camp?

We’ve been busy bees at Camp Cooby over the past couple of months and we are SO EXCITED to share with you that…

…after three years of planning our CABINS ARE FINALLY BEING BUILT!

With earthworks currently being carried out and the cabins set to be constructed onsite shortly after, we have been told that the cabins will be ready for your Term 3 and Term 4 Camps.

In addition to our new ablution block (which was finished in late 2020), the construction of the cabins will not only allow your campers a more comfortable stay, but they will also give us the capability to house an EXTRA 180 guests onsite at Camp Cooby.

Check out the earthworks progress below…

We’ve also got new activities

In addition to our new cabins, we’ve also got some exciting new activities available:

  • New High Ropes elements including:
    • The Vertical Wall
    • Islands in the Sky
    • New and improved Leap of Faith
  • New Night Hike Rescue Missions
  • Expedition Programs

In an effort to reuse the soil removed during our cabin earthworks, we are also constructing a new, private dam onsite at Camp Cooby.

This is such an exciting development as it means that your campers will finally be able to swim while on camp (previously our campers haven’t been able to ‘swim’ during water activities as we’ve been utilising Cooby Dam, which is one of Toowoomba’s main water sources), and we’ll be able to incorporate a lot more water-based activities, including the massive new water slide into our new dam.

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