Cabin accommodation

Our new cabin accommodation is available for your booking. We now have 3 cabin blocks with 6 cabin rooms in each block providing a total of 18 cabin rooms.

Rooms are conveniently set up with air conditioning, bunk beds and mattresses. Linen and pillows can be provided for an additional fee.

Adventure camping in tents

Take your group on an exciting adventure camp by staying in our onsite tent accommodation.

Expedition camps can also be arranged with our Camp Manager.


Waterfront access

Camp Cooby is located on the edge of the beautiful Lake Cooby. Our unique waterfront access provides the opportunity for various water-based activities, including sailing and canoeing.

Bonfire areas

At the end of a big day at Camp Cooby, our bonfire spaces are the perfect spot to sit back and relax, while enjoying the company of your classmates, friends, or family.

Our on-site bonfire areas are cosy and spacious, offering stunning views of Lake Cooby.


Loveday Barn

The estate was originally owned by the Loveday family and held in the family for generations as a working farm. The original homestead on the property was moved during the building on Lake Cooby.

The original barn built over 100 years ago still remains on the property and we have aptly named it ‘Loveday Barn’. With some modern touches now added inside, the Loveday Barn offers is the perfect space for hosting your next party or team-building event.

Venue map

There's a whole lot to do and see at Camp Cooby. Want to see what our entire venue looks like and how you can make the most of your time here with your group?

Download a free map of our site below.

Whole Site Map

A venue rich in history

Formerly the Abingdon Outdoor Education Centre owned by Toowoomba Grammar School, and the Loveday family estate before that, the rich history that surrounds Camp Cooby is ever-present and proudly maintained.

We're honoured to not only be part of, but also preserve the legacy of Camp Cooby's 20+ years in providing quality outdoor education to the Darling Downs region.


Large open spaces

Sprawling green spaces at every corner overlooking Lake Cooby.


Function centre

A spacious function centre that includes two large spaces accommodating up to 60 people each.


Bell tents

A comfortable stay under the stars, including a heater, electric blankets, power, and lighting.


Aquaponics hub

Learn about organic plant and fish cultivation at our aquaponics hub.