School Camps

Embark on a camp adventure like no other

Our unique venue caters for an array of activities of every skill level, and our 5 specially-designed camp programs are guided by outdoor education experts who are there to support at every step.

We help develop and nurture young leaders by helping them CONNECT, CARE, and LEAD with their community, their environment, and themselves.

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1. CARE Camp (Lower Primary)

Designed to encourage teamwork and positive connections with others, the Lower Primary CARE Camp will provide your youngest campers with various challenges suitable to their age.

Campers can expect to get outside and enjoy time in nature while learning to CARE for themselves, others and the environment.

2. CARE Camp (Upper Primary)

Designed to help upper primary students work on making meaningful connections with others, learn to use uplifting, positive language and build resilience and teamwork, the Upper Primary CARE Camp supports students as they prepare for their transition into a secondary school environment.

Participants will be challenged physically, mentally and collaboratively as they learn to overcome obstacles and work on completing challenging activities.


3. CONNECTions Camp (Middle Years)

Recognising that Middle Years students are growing and developing into teenagers and young adults, the Middle Years CONNECTions camp continues to work on the development of positive, meaningful relationships as participants work on getting to know each other on a deeper level.

Your young teens will have the opportunity to work through a number of challenges that will help them see that they can persevere through difficulties.

4. LEADership Camp (Seniors)

The Senior LEADership camp is designed to help upcoming student leaders and senior students work through some of the core principles of leadership.

The LEADership camps focus on assisting participants to learn to LEAD themselves first, followed by learning to LEAD others. Participants will leave camp equipped to recognise their leadership potential and prepared to fulfil leadership roles.

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5. Adventurous Journey Camp

Years 9 - 12

Designed to challenge participants, the Adventurous Journey Camp is a personalised program to suit the outcomes and goals determined for your unique cohort of students.

The experience incorporates a mix of adventure-based activities onsite at our Lake Cooby Campus as well as journey-based components. Please make contact with our office to discuss your customised Adventurous Journey.

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