Camp Cooby's Innovative Curriculum Streams

At Camp Cooby, we provide an evidence-based curriculum covering four educational streams:
1. Social and Emotional Well-being; through neuropsychology, mindfulness, and attention training.
2. Environmental Care & Sustainability; including permaculture, aquaponics, food production, and waste management
3. Outdoor Education & Leadership; through outdoor and indoor team based challenges.
4. Technology, Entrepreneurship & Innovation; with the startup INCubate program, business model development, and turning dreams into a reality

Yes! We offer Sequential programming at CAMP COOBY

We deliver a sequential program experience for Prep to Year 12 based on our FOUR curriculum streams.   Our sequential learning program actively supports the development of young leaders who will positively lead our future businesses and communities. We develop leaders by helping young people to Connect, Care and Lead with their relationships with themselves, their community and their environment. Each of our four curriculum streams start with introductory topics and activities for the early years and then gradually build upon this foundation to deliver advanced active learning projects. In our senior year program, students are encouraged to participate in team projects which blend the learnings from previous camp programs and their current school curriculum. Our aim is to develop young people so they are leaders in self care, community development, and environmental management. Contact us today so we can custom design a program to suit the outcomes you want to achieve the your school culture.

Our Camp Cooby Team Leaders

Camp Cooby, provides the opportunity for young people to engage with highly-specialised mentors including education specialists, creators, visionaries, engineers, technologists, analysts and psychologists. Camp Cooby’s team has a combined impact and reach of 20K+ young people through business, government agencies, adventure education, social enterprise and social capital projects.