We believe in healthy whole foods

Reflections – Camp Cooby prepares and caters a wholesome food experience.  We are conscious about helping young people to eat well. Camp Cooby endeavours to support local producers and businesses. We have formal dining facilities plus outdoor dining options where you can eat under the stars.  Our camp approach for meal time is do to it family style, sitting around the table enjoying and learning more about each other.

We link food to our curriculum learnings too

The Reflections Camp curriculum includes an education stream of environmental care and sustainability. Within this stream we teach food production systems, permaculture, aquaponics, water management, and waste management. Within the Camp Cooby experience, we offer our guests the opportunity to visit farms and food production facilities so you can learn about the food supply chain. We also have a wood-fire pizza oven, camp cooking opportunities, and a full kitchen amenities for larger groups who wish to participate in the food preparation and cooking activities.

Yes, we cater for all dietary requirements

Reflections – Camp Cooby takes the time to plan and prepare whole and delicious camp meals that will cater for all dietary needs including gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian, vegan, and more.

We love our family style dinners.  It’s more than just eating, it’s about connecting with each other.
Tanya Hall