School Camps

The Camp Cooby Commitment

We believe children are our future and we need to actively help them grow into positive and productive members of our communities.

The 21st century brings an age of economic and technology disruption where every industry and job is being disrupted and transformed. Real world learning should be organic, integrated and engaging for young people so they can connect with themselves and their environment. We offer more than just an “outdoor camp” experience. We offer a life enhancing curriculum that prepares young people for now and into the future.

According to the CEDA Report in June 2015, “40% of the current jobs will not exist in the next 10-15 years”. The Jobs of the future don’t even exist yet. Australia requires young people to grow and innovate!

Growing research supports the importance of helping young people connect with self, others and their environment. Our camps achieve an equilibrium of healthy relationships whilst incorporating technology and the great outdoors.

Outdoor Leadership

Students participate in a variety of adventurous challenges and outdoor activities. Our onsite activities include:

  • Initiative Games
  • Low/high Ropes
  • The Giants Ladder, Leap of Faith, Milk Crate Stack
  • Rock Climbing
  • Canoeing
  • Raft building
  • Sailing
  • Navigation and Orienteering

Environmental Care & Sustainability

Participants become more aware of their environment and how to make a positive impact on our ecosystem. Activities we run on site include:

  • Aquaponics
  • Food production
  • Waste management
  • Sustainable living
  • Wildlife spotting
  • Camp management

Social & Emotional Well-being

Participants are engaged in healthy relationships and positive social behaviours with activities including:

  • Understanding the Brain
  • Connections & Healthy relationships
  • Reflect to connect
  • Resilience inside and out
  • Seeing is not believing
  • Self compassion versus self esteem

Technology, Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Participants can explore their passion and purpose through creativity. Some of the activities we run on site:

  • Dare to Risk
  • Falling Forward, the Power of Failure
  • Navigate your Mountain
  • The effective communicator, share the Innovation
  • Leading your Innovation
  • Coding for Kids
  • Startup pitch night
  • <