Welcome to Holiday Camp!

An outdoor adventure for making friends and memorable fun experiences

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Get ready for a Holiday Adventure!

Be part of something special. Explore the world through a different lens. The moment you arrive at Camp Cooby, you can feel the energy and wonder of this magical location. We then add amazing kids together with our team for a super fun adventure… and the energy just surges like a volcano!

Holiday Camp — is a time to hunt for insects, search for native animals, master handstands, try new things, getting wet and running wild, exploring the hilltops, trees and the lake, and of course a time to make new friends. 

Are you ready for an adventure!?

The Camp Cooby holiday camp is a fun and adventurous escape for kids with both indoor and outdoor activities at our secure Camp Cooby estate.  Our camp activities include:

  • rock climbing
  • canoeing
  • Giant slip ‘n’ slide
  • water games
  • rafting
  • sailing
  • high ropes courses
  • Giants ladder
  • low ropes courses
  • bush walking adventures
  • team problem solving challenges
  • arts and craft
  • innovation challenges
  • cooking
  • nature play
  • coding and technology
  • and much much more!

Camp Cooby FUN!

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Outdoor Leadership

Students participate in a variety of adventurous challenges and outdoor activities. Our onsite activities include:

  • Initiative Games
  • Low/high Ropes
  • The Giants Ladder, Leap of Faith, Milk Crate Stack
  • Rock Climbing
  • Canoeing
  • Raft building
  • Sailing
  • Navigation and Orienteering

Environmental Care & Sustainability

Participants become more aware of their environment and how to make a positive impact on our ecosystem. Activities we run on site include:

  • Aquaponics
  • Food production
  • Waste management
  • Sustainable living
  • Wildlife spotting
  • Camp management

Social & Emotional Well-being

Participants are engaged in healthy relationships and positive social behaviours with activities including:

  • Understanding the Brain
  • Connections & Healthy relationships
  • Reflect to connect
  • Resilience inside and out
  • Seeing is not believing
  • Self compassion versus self esteem

Technology, Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Participants can explore their passion and purpose through creativity. Some of the activities we run on site:

  • Dare to Risk
  • Falling Forward, the Power of Failure
  • Navigate your Mountain
  • The effective communicator, share the Innovation
  • Leading your Innovation
  • Coding for Kids